“I believe that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living.” – John D Rockefeller

1916 Publishing / NW1 Publishing

1916 Publishing / NW1 is a publishing joint venture between 1916 Enterprises and Nettwerk Music Group. The venture was created to seek out and sign the hottest up and coming writers / producers and develop them with a management approach that offers the writers a strategic way to develop their careers.

R8D / BMG Chrysalis Publishing

R8D publishing was co-founded by 1916 co-founder Lex Borrero with the purpose of administering worldwide catalogs from some of the best songwriters/producers. In 2012 the company partnered with BMG Chrysalis to provide a wider range of services.

1916 Music / Universal Music Canada

1916 Music and Universal Music Canada join forces in a strategic partnership that will utilize 1916’s A&R expertise and relationships along with UMC incredible label  infrastructure to sign and develop Canadian talent for worldwide release and success.